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    Dear ATS® Dancer!
    This web app was built in an attempt to make your life easier and enable you to see examples of ATS® steps in performance condition. just click on the name in the list and watch the youTube video and the move should start straight away. The selection was made using the fantastic work of Marwen/Julie de St Blanquat - Sister Studio FCBD A big thank you Ladies! and a big thank you to the dancers!
    By no means it replaces the FCBD DVD's or the FCBD online classes available on the PowHow website, where steps are broken down in classroom situation.
    I have personnaly purchased the download versions of DVD 1, 4, 7 and 9 and have subscribed to level 1,2 and 3 or the Online videos.
    I have listed the steps they contain in a searchable list to make it easier to find on which DVD or in which PowHow online Video a given step is broken down. It is not exhaustive and I decline any responsibility if the information given is not accurate. You may use the link below to access this other web app
    Which DVD or online Video contains the instructions for a given step?
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