Dance Moves List is 2 years old!

2 years ago was published to GooglePlay, the AppStore and to the world Wide Web our sweet little app: Dance Moves List.
It was inspired to me as I was studying my dance vocabulary using the amazing list put together by Marie Marven and Julie de Saint Blanquat. As I was using the list I was feeling so greatful for their tediuous and hard work that enabled me to check the steps just by copying the links into my browser.
As an app developer I could not help but think that this amazing work should be brought a step further...
what if we could just have your steps handy .. available at anytime... at the click of a button? Wouln't it be dreamy?
Well guess what? I started working on the project....
As an android developer recently cross-trained on IOS development... I wanted this app to be cross-platformed and available on the android, IOS and as a responsive web app!
And so it happened.. a couple of months work after and there it was available for downloads and as a web app!
and a couple of years after we have over 10 000 downloads on Google Play!