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    I can't recommend enough the use of the FCBD DVDs that are available for purchase on the FCBD.com website and I can't recommend enough the FCBD online classes available on the PowHow website
    The DVD's can be used as a 'go-to' reference when you need to see how the steps are broken down. The online classes on the PowHow website are a fantastic help for drilling the steps and are shown in a classroom situation and drilled in combos. I use the two sources for my personal dance education and am happy to share with you this online tool that should help you locate the steps faster. Consider it like a friend sharing her own study notes with you, it is not exhaustive and I decline any responsibility if the information given is not accurate ot updated. I encourage you to give feedback though. The DVD's are divided into several parts. The online classes are divided into levels, 1.x refers to a 'x' video in level 1.
    'PowHow video: 3.musicality' means 'the FCBD online video of level 3 with the title "musicality" on the PowHow website.
    If you don't have access to the DVD's or have not subscribed to the online classes you can still use my Dance Moves List apps that will help you find examples of the steps. Note that those steps are not broken down in the free resources on youTube.     email me

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