Zill Patterns

Week 1

I am absolutely delighted we started this class. I wanted to give you a recap of what we covered in our first class
I introduced our dance format ATS®. I gave a brief introduction about the relationship leader/follower.
I introduced the zils.
I introduced the Puja or moving meditation

I introduced the 4 basic ATS® fast steps

I introduced slow steps:

zill pattern:

During the classes we will be learning a vocabulary of steps that I will be introducing gradually. There is some free material available to you if you want to see the steps online.
You can check the ATS® steps using my apps available online
and for mobile phones on Google Play and the AppStore
The videos show the steps in show situations, they are not broken down.

FatChanceBellyDance® provides copyrighted learning options such as DVDs or online streaming classes that are very good.
But they are absolutely optional and you won’t need them for our classes.
Let me know if you have any concerns, difficulties, if something is unclear, if you need further explanations on anything.

Week 2

We introduced using a metronome to drill zills. The android app I used in the class is Metronome Beats
the default settings are 4 beats per bar and 1 click per beat, you don't need to change them just adjust the bpm tempo as slow as you like to begin.

Fast steps:

Slow step:

For those of you who already have their zills, I recommend to practice the longa pattern at home. You can use a very slow paced music. Example: Big and Slow Saidi loop by Radio Laria

Week 3

Fast steps:

Slow steps:

We introduced the concept of the Flock of Birds used by dancers to synchronise slow pivots and gradual turns. We broke down the Taxeem step.

Week 4

Fast steps:

Prepare for improvisation and leading

We highlighted the importance of having a go-to step in case you can't think of anything to do next.
We introduced combos, in class we used:

fast combo

  • egyptian
  • arabic
  • hip bumps + pivot
  • choochoo arc arms

Slow steps:

zill patterns:

I recommend drilling the zill patterns at home using the metronome or slow paced tracks to begin. The one we used in class is Slow Maqsoum loop by Radio Laria
we alternated 16 counts of longa and military pattern

Week 5

We introduced the concept of passing for slow and fast

new slow steps:

new fast steps:

passing steps:

zill pattern:

I recommend drilling the longa, military and badass baladi zill patterns at home using slow paced tracks the one we used in class is Slow Maqsoum loop by Radio Laria

Week 6

Fast steps:

Slow steps:

zill pattern:

I highly recommend using the Zill drill video by Reshamka-Ka Tribal to drill the longa, military, badass baladi and alternating patterns.
Zill Drill Video - Resham-Ka Tribal

fast combo

  • shimmy step
  • egyptian
  • egyptian half turn
  • arabic
  • sunanda

slow combo

  • corkscrew turn
  • taxeem
  • barrel turn

Mixed Levels 2

New fast steps:

Zill patterns

Longa zill pattern

rlR_ rlR_ rlR_ rlR_
123_ 123_ 123_ 123_
__1_ __2_ __3_ __4_beats
&a1_ &a2_ &a3- &a4_
(this is 4 counts)

Military zill pattern (3,3,7)

rlR_ rlR_ rlrl rlR_
123_ 123_ 1234 567_
__1_ __2_ __3_ __4_beats
&a1_ &a2_ &a3e &a4_
(this is 4 counts)

badass baladi zill pattern

B_B_ rlR_ B_ rlR_
1___ 2___ 3_ __4_beats
1_&_ 2e&_ 3_ &a4_
(B= both right and left at the same time)

alternating pattern

rl rl rl rl rl rl rl rl
&a 1e &a 2e &a 3e &a 4e

Resham-Ka tribal Zill drill combo

last updated: 25th January 2018

A big thank you to the Photographers : David Hegarty, Ankie Janssen, Urzula Beatrycze Szterner, Eadaoin McCarthy

Icons made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com is licensed by CC 3.0 BY